Hive splitting

The sun came out occasionally yesterday and I was able to requeen two hives and split two others.

The hive splitting were quick jobs as I had all ready Demareed the hives so that brood and nurse bees were in the top box. The strategy adopted was to have two hives on the same hive stack and then I will separate the two hives once the top hive is strong enough. The procedure was:

  • Insert the Snelgrove / division board under the top box
  • Check for queen cells and knock down any found
  • Find a good frame with brood and space and place the queen cage facing upwards so that the queen can escape
  • Decide on a entrance direction and open the appropriate door on the Snelgrove / division board
  • Reassemble and come back in a few days to check that the queen has escaped the cage.

I’ll let the hive develop and when it’s strong enough take it off and relocate it.

Hive split with Snelgrove / division board in place and door open

Tony Wilsmore

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