To Flow Hive or not to Flow Hive

I get a lot of calls from people wanting to establish a Flow Hive. They have seen the website and YouTubes and it’s so easy. Set up, come back, turn the tap and hey presto – honey.

I also get calls from others who can’t get out the back door without themselves, their children and pets being attacked by aggressive bees from their Flow Hive. Others have had their $1,000 plus Flow Hive for a year or two and now circumstances have changed and they no longer want it.

Flow Hives are, in reality, a standard Langstroth hives with one box incorporating an innovative way of extracting honey. They are well made, good quality and expensive. For someone who wants one, or perhaps two, hives they may be ideal but there are other hive and extraction options you should consider as well. And, no matter what type of hive you have, you still need to regularly open and inspect your hive, manage swarming and replace your queen every 12 to 18 months.

I recommend that people thinking about getting a hive that they:

  • Join a beekeeping club
  • Undertake a beekeeping course
  • Think hard about the $ / time cost and commitment involved in keeping bees
  • Find yourself a mentor
  • Then invest in the equipment that best meets your needs.

Beekeeping is enjoyable and rewarding.

Tony Wilsmore

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