To the rescue

Just having a cup of tea after work and the phone rings. Its the local school principal. There’s a swarm of bees in the school yard.

I don’t normally catch swarms as they can be a lot of work and you cannot be sure what your getting. But it was a school, and local. So I put my civic hat on and road off with my swarm capture equipment.

Luckily the swarm was in a low bush, just high enough for me to get a box under, and with a couple of shakes the bees were in the box and settling in.

Swarm capture setup
Swarm going into the box

I had to time my work around school recess and answering questions from inquisitive children and teachers, but that’s part of the fun of being a beekeeper.

An hour and a half later I was back at home finishing my cup of tea with the bees settling into their new home.

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